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Karlsrud is an executive, entrepreneur leadership, coach, management and development consultancy. He provides executive and leadership coaching and is a keynote speaker, author and workshop facilitator. He is also the author of "Selling by Design," a field guide to selling in the new economy.


So I wasn't so good at it in 2016.

Mike Karlsrud

I had to laugh as I was reading through this blog.  I posted early in last year that I was going to blog more in 2016.  That didn't happen.  But so much did!

Last year was a time of focus.  Out of a group of over 12,000 candidates, I was one of 257 people selected by Vistage Worldwide to become a Chair of a peer advisory group for executives. This was a major under taking- both personally and professionally.  Over the years I knew that my coaching and consulting businesses needed something to make it more valuable, powerful and frankly- to challenge me to always be better as your coach.  I found it in Vistage. 

Vistage has been around for 60 years.  Worldwide there are over 20,000 members in 17 countries.  In the Minneapolis market, there are over 440 executives that influence over $4B in business here. It is an amazing group of individuals that are part of this executive community here locally.  I am proud to have made the cut to help influence the few who influence the many. 

2017 continues to be a year of focus.  This year I am tightening my grip on my coaching practice and leaving my consulting practice behind. For years I was boarding airplanes two to three times per month to do my work.  While the work was challenging and exciting, the travel and time away from what is personally important to me started to take its toll.  This is exactly what other executives feel, and I especially bond to those who are in this position.  

I got a coach. Yes, I drink my own Kool-Aide. There is always someone we need to go to to sharpen our saw. To look at our lives, not just live it. To look at our business, not just work in it. 

I joined a Vistage group.  Yes, I drink that Kool-Aide too.  If one head is good, 16 heads are better. Peer advising is the best, cheapest, and most risk-free investment in yourself you can make. Folks who join our group do so because of two things; they want to lead a better organization, or they want to become a better leader, leading that organization. Either way- there is no room for status quo.  I love hanging with those types.  Come join my group and hang out. It's refreshing.