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Karlsrud is an executive, entrepreneur leadership, coach, management and development consultancy. He provides executive and leadership coaching and is a keynote speaker, author and workshop facilitator. He is also the author of "Selling by Design," a field guide to selling in the new economy.


Remember the other 98%

Mike Karlsrud

I am seldom left without words or a positive thought, but over the last several months I have become a bit frustrated.  As you know, I speak, consult, conduct training workshops, all to move the thought process forward in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership and management.  

Occasionally I am a bit hard on myself, asking questions like "the world doesn't need another dude talking about sales techniques or why/how people buy"  Or, "the world has little original thought left, and I certainly don't have the corner on brilliance, so why should I trod forward?"  And then I get out of my "hovel" and into the real world working with real folks and I am reminded of one thing, little or none of all this knowledge is ever implemented.

The world doesn't need a whole lot more of new thought, it already has a helluva time implementing what we know to be sound practices. 

I looked back at some old resources I have on my bookshelf and sure enough, there in all the stacks of books on change, management, leadership, selling and marketing is a piece of paper that says "Remember the other 98%.  It's called implementation."  

So I wake up daily on a new quest; teach others how to manage and implement the changes I and others often have spoke about, but can't seem to be put in place.  Great ideas not used are still new ideas.

Good selling,