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Karlsrud Company is a consultancy company that offers sales, coaching, leadership, management and organization development expertise. Karlsrud also provides keynote speaking and workshops that have novice and experienced to "think differently" about how we work, live and interact with others.  He is also the author of "Selling by Design," a field guide to selling in the new century.



As a Vistage Worldwide Chair, I am building peer advisory groups of non-competing CEO's committed to achieving greater success in business and life, positively improving their lives and those they impact.  Better decisions, better results and a better life await you. 



Since 1996 we have helped organizations and people be seen and heard, through coaching for Success, teaching skills, and developing processes.

Create a new day, a new chapter.  BE SEEN. BE HEARD.   

Create a new day, a new chapter.  BE SEEN. BE HEARD.